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Cormac McCarthy Studio Gemini Lettering (1).JPG

Store Front Signs

Your storefront is the first thing every customer sees, every time they visit your business. Quality signage, window lettering, graphics and other displays are an important part of building your businesses brand and value. 

3D Gemini Acrylic Letters
Cormac McCarthy Studio Gemini Lettering with matte gold finish
Painters Alley Benjermin Moore injection molded Gemini Letters
Sebos Do It Center LED Backlit Gemini Letters

3D Formed & Backlit Lettering

SBC graphics is a Gemini partner and has full access to all their full line beautiful 3D lettering and displays.

  • Laser Cut Acrylic

  • 3D Formed & Injection Molded Plastic

  • Cast, Cut  and Fabricated Metal

  • Halo and Backlit Lettering

  • Precision Tooled Plaques 

Exterior Grade Composite Signs

SBC graphics specializes in full color exterior grade composite signs made from the highest quality PVC/Aluminum composite sign boards. We pride our self on producing high quality commercial signs that will last 10-20 years in Washington's harsh weather, yearly pollen build up and salty sea air. They are easy to maintain and can be resurfaced with new art work years down the line. They are perfect for full color logos on buildings, multi tenant listings and more. 

On top of the quality of the sign construction we coat all our signs with an additional gloss, satin or matte finish topped off with an optional ceramic coating for even more durability.

We also have a variety of Stainless, Aluminum, brass or galvanized hardware to make sure your mounting options look great and will last as long as your sign. 

Kula Yoga store front signs on composite sign board
Studio A & Color Box composite signs with aluminum decorative mounts
Custom shaped signs
Whidbey Vintage Collection Out door grade composite sign with matte finish and custom mounting
Printed One Way Window Screens

Window Graphics & Tints

A fun way to advertise or bring attention to your storefront is with vinyl lettering and graphics on your windows. We can do full color window screens allowing you to have bright fun graphics on your windows while still being able to see out your windows from inside. Or if you are looking for privacy, added security or to reduce the heat and UV damage from incoming sun we can help with our large range of window tints and films.

Hanging Signs

We can cut the out door grade composite sign material to almost any shape you can imagine. It can then be wall mounted or hung from a frame, it can be two sided and even have additional sign panels hung from underneath of it. 

Custom shaped composite out door signs
WIC Freeland Billboard Sign Installation

Profesional Sign Installation

We can install your signs or Lettering for you guaranteeing a quality installation that will not harm or damage the building they are being attached to so you know your new signs will look great for you ears to come.

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