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Vehicle Wraps & Lettering

Stand out from the crowed & make sure protentional customers know what you do and who you are. Nothing has a larger advertising impact than a quality vehicle wrap. 

SBC Graphics also offers fleet rates for when you have multiple of the same or similar wrap across several vehicles.

Island Ductless Chevy Van Full vehicle Wrap

Full Vehicle Wraps

A full wrap is when we complete cover a vehicle in vinyl. This can be advertising, artwork or simply a colored vinyl. A full vehicle wrap makes a huge advertising impact and is guaranteed to get your business noticed and remembered above others in your area. As an added benefit your paint has extra protection against the elements and the wrap can some times hide a few blemishes on your paint helping make your old commercial vehicle look new again.

Half Wraps

Half wraps is a term we use when a vehicle has large graphical elements that need to be able to conform around the various shapes of a vehicle. This can be anything from simple graphics, stripes, logos or images. combined with die cut graphics and lettering you can have the look of a full wrap while saving some money by incorporating the color of the vehicle into the design.

Whidbey Telecom Mercedes  Fleet Wraps
Salty Sea Coffee Trailer Clinton Vehicle Wrap
Build A Brat Trailer Clinton Vehicle Wrap
Build A Brat Trailer Wrap Front With Checkers
Bubba Burger Trailer Freeland Vehicle Wrap

Trailer & Box Truck Wraps

Box trucks, catering trailers and other similar vehicles can also be wrapped in vinyl allowing you to dramatically change the look of a trailer. You can change its color, add a pattern, a texture, or put your logo on the side as big as life. Box trucks and catering trailers are a prefect billboard with few obstructions allowing you to take full advantage of the square footage available. 

Partial Wrap & Vinyl Lettering 

A partial wrap is very similar to a half wrap but typically is just one element of the design needs to be printed on wrap vinyl to conform an image to the shape of a vehicle or go over textures like pop rivets. Wit a partial wrap typically the majority of the design is simple die cut vinyl graphics and lettering.

Meals On Wheels Half Vehicle Wrap
Mukilteo Coffee Van vehicle Wrap

Vehicle Striping & Lettering

Just as the name suggest wrap striping is simply when we want a stripe down the side or top of a vehicle and need it to follow a body line with out deformation over complex curves of the vehicle. At SBC graphics we can even have art printed into the striping like in the example shown here.

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